Commerce Profile


Prof. P.P.Rayate (HOD)

Welcome to Department Of Commerce that stand on such Fertile Soil as the PVG. In June 2007 The Department of Commerce was set up and as a response to Market Imperativeness in 2012 P. G. Course of was introduced. Our Faculty owns Academic Performance and Sophisticated Practical insights. They make every effort to help students gain valuable insight into the influences that shape their fields The department also having well equipped commerce lab with various journals, magazine, audio, video aids and newspaper articles related to commerce subjects. The department has also arranged visits to Industries, Bank for giving practical knowledge regarding their special subjects. If you choose to come here you will discover one of the most stimulating intellectual and cultural Environment, makes this an Ideal Institution for study. We very much look forward to welcoming you to it


  • 1. Government Sector
  • 2. Private and Public Sector Companies
  • 3. Marketing Sector
  • 4. Banking Sector
  • 5. Hospitalization
  • 6. Insurance Companies


  • 1. Well Equipped Commerce Lab
  • 2. Industrial Visit
  • 3. Bank Visit
  • 4. Guest Lecture of each subject
  • 5. Excellent Placement in Banking Sector and Industries
  • 6. Experienced and Renowned Faculties
  • 7. Use of ICT(AV ,Smart Boards, Projectors)
  • 8. Seminar and Workshop


  • B.Com. (Banking & Finance and Cost & Works Accounting)
  • M.Com (Cost & Works Accounting and Banking & Finance)


    Pune Vidhyarti Griha's Shriram Sadashiv Dhamankar College was established in 2007, initially started with Commerce & Science has expanded in last four years by adding courses of Computer Science (B.Sc. Computer Science) & various subjects of Arts (Humanities), and Post Graduate Course in Commerce and in true sense it has become multi-faculty college in just four years time.


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