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IQAC Coordinator Desk


Mrs. Y. L. Kakad (IQAC Coordinator)

As per the NAAC guidelines, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established on 23rd Oct 2019. The role of the IQAC coordinator is crucial in ensuring the effective and smooth functioning of all the members. The IQAC assures the stakeholders i.e., students, parents, teachers, staff, Management, and society for accountability and transparency in the quality education. The IQAC continuously monitor and reviews for smooth functioning of the college and suggests necessary changes as and when required. As the Coordinator, I am trying my level best to improve the academic and administrative performance of the college.


  • As per the NAAC guidelines, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established on 23rd Oct 2019. The IQAC has been constituted as per the recommendations of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

  • The following objectives of IQAC - Pvg’s S.S.Dhamankar

  • 1. To develop a system for documentation and consistent improvement in Pvg’s S.S.Dhamankar
  • 2. To assure all the stakeholders about quality of education provided by in Pvg’s S.S.Dhamankar.

  • The following Planning of IQAC- Pvg’s S.S.Dhamankar

  • 1. Timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic, administrative and financial tasks.
  • 2. Assuring quality education of UG, PG, & other academic programs / activities.
  • 3. The maintenance and proper support system and service.
  • 4. Use the modern methods of teaching and learning.
  • 5. To prepare academic calendar of the year and teaching plan.

  • The IQAC will perform following functions

    1. Development and quality parameters for the various academic and administrative activities of the institutions.

  • 2.Organization of Workshop, seminars and quality related Programmes
  • 3. Documentation of the various Progrmmes / activities leading to quality improvement.
  • 4. IQAC acting as a central agency of the institution for quality related activities.
  • 5. Preparation of Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) to be submitted to NAAC based on the documentation.
  • 6. Alumni interaction


    Pune Vidyarthi Griha’s Shriram Sadashiv Dhamankar College of Commerce, Science and Arts was established in 2007, initially started with Commerce & Science has expanded in last Few years by adding courses of Computer Science (B.Sc. Computer Science) & various subjects of Arts (Humanities), and Post Graduate Course in Commerce and in true sense it has become multi-faculty college in just Few years time.


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