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Department Profile


Prof.D. M. Deshmukh (HOD)

Welcome to Department of Science. The Department of Science was established in 2007 .The vision of the department is to empower students through technology and providing better quality of life. The faculty of science recognized for significance, novelty and for the high quality of teaching. Our teaching activities run the spectrum from the life sciences (Botany Zoology ) to physical sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Geography) to the mathematical science.


  • • To provide conducive academic atmosphere to students.
    • To develop employable skills among students.
    • To render service to society.
    • To develop scientific temper and thus can prove to be more beneficial for the society as the scientific developments can make a nation or society to grow at a rapid pace.
    • To improve overall academic performance of students.
    • To inculcate discipline as a value among students.

  • Silent features

  • 1. Approaching the subject from theoretical and practical points of view.
    2. Opportunity to attend seminars, workshops etc.
    3. Extra-curricular activities.
    4. Well-equipped and spacious laboratories.
    5. Well qualified and experienced staff.
    6. Industrial collaboration/training.
    7. Placement opportunities.
    8. Good library and internet facilities.
    9. Gust lectures by experts from the field.

  • Facilities

  • 1. Well-equipped and spacious laboratories.
  • 2. Well qualified and experienced staff.
  • 3. Good library and internet facilities.

  • Opportunities

    Given below are popular job profiles that B.Sc graduates can take up after completing the course:

    • Research Scientist: A research scientist is responsible for undertaking as well as analysing information obtained from laboratory-based experiments and investigations. A research scientist may work for government labs, specialist research organisations and environmental organisations.
    • Scientific Assistant: A scientific assistant is a professional who provides complete support to the scientist in research. A scientific assistant is also responsible for performing and managing various administrative tasks.
    • Treasury Specialist: A treasury specialist is responsible for helping organisations increase profitability by assessing their periodic liquidity needs and investing excess cash in capital markets.
    • Market Research Analyst: A market research analyst researches and gathers data to help a company market its products or services. An analyst helps a company determine its position in the market by researching its competitors and analysing its sales, prices, etc.
    • Quality Control Manager: A quality control manager ensures that products of a particular company meet set quality and efficiency standards. The manager plans, directs and coordinates quality assurance programmes and also formulates various quality control policies.
    • Teacher: A Science teacher is typically involved in tasks such as preparing lesson-plans, evaluating student performances and teaching through lectures and technology.
    • Technical Writer: A technical writer writes articles and prepares instruction manuals and other supporting documents to communicate technical information easily.
    • Lab Chemist: A lab chemist analyses chemicals and creates new compounds that are useful in different aspects of human life. Research and testing are two crucial job responsibilities of a lab chemist.



    Pune Vidyarthi Griha’s Shriram Sadashiv Dhamankar College of Commerce, Science and Arts was established in 2007, initially started with Commerce & Science has expanded in last Few years by adding courses of Computer Science (B.Sc. Computer Science) & various subjects of Arts (Humanities), and Post Graduate Course in Commerce and in true sense it has become multi-faculty college in just Few years time.


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